Even Steven Butt Rub

Here’s another rub recipe, which is much lower in paprika than my 4-3-2-1 rub. This one I call Even Steven, because I use only one measuring implement – usually a 1/3 or 1/2 cup measuring scoop – to measure everything. That keeps it nice and simple, and it doesn’t matter what size of a batch you make, you don’t need to calculate when scaling up or down, just keep the proportions the same!

Even Steven Butt Rub:

  1. Full scoop of paprika. I use a combination of sweet and hot – mostly sweet, but then top it up with a little of the hot. Maybe 5:1 sweet to hot.
  2. Full scoop ground black pepper. I like a medium grind, not the fine grind used in pepper shakers, but not so coarse it doesn’t mix well.
  3. Full scoop salt. I typically use kosher salt, again for the medium grain size – fine salt comes out too salty, coarse chunky rock salt doesn’t mix well, and also falls off the meat.
  4. Full scoop mixed granulated garlic and onion, about 50:50 – I use the  stuff that is about the consistency of table salt (“granulated”, as opposed to “powder”, which is finer, but really either would work).
  5. Full scoop assorted herbs and spices. Here you can get pretty creative, what I do is typically ~ 1/4 to 1/3 scoop chipotle powder, a little cumin (a bit less than a teaspoon for a 1/3 cup scoop), about 1/3 scoop dried oregano, half as much (~1/6 scoop) dried thyme, and topped up with whatever else you have – I’ve used chilli powder, or a little creole seasoning, or ground coffee, a little cocoa powder, or whatever strikes my fancy. Or just level it off with the other items from the scoop.

Just toss all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly, and then store in a container with a shaker lid. I like to keep the plastic containers my bulk spices come in and use those, because they have the shaker lids that snap open and shut, and they come free with the ingredients!

I use this rub often for pork and chicken. If I’m doing ribs I’ll mix it about 50:50 with brown sugar (maybe 60:40), for doing a butt I’ll mix it 70:30 with brown sugar, and for chops, tenderloin or chicken I’ll use it straight without mixing any sugar.

Have fun with it, and enjoy!

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