Glazed smoked chicken wings (or legs)

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you may notice that some of my rubs and sauces are easily adapted and morphed into delicious variations. So this recipe is simple, but only if you already have some of the other ingredients already prepped and on hand. This works equally well for wings and legs.

You will need:

  • chicken wings. Lots of them. Or drumsticks.
  • ~1/2 cup Even Steven rub
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • zest of one lemon (~ 1 tbsp)
  • Spicy ketchup (or equivalent, see below*)
  • your favourite BBQ sauce
  • guava jelly (apple jelly will do)

Prepare you smoker to cook indirectly at 250F, using a fruit wood smoke such as apple or cherry (or a little of both).

Combine the rub with the brown sugar and lemon zest, and coat the wings (or drumsticks). I find the easiest way is to the them all out on a cooking tray (the kind with low sides), sprinkle half the rub liberally, cover with another similar sized pan and flip the whole thing, then apply the other half of the rub to the other side (sure beats trying to flip 3 dozen wings!).

Smoke for 2 hours at 250, which gives you plenty of time to prepare the glaze, which is simply 2 parts spicy ketchup, 1 part BBQ sauce, and 1 part guava jelly. Warm it in a sauce pan so the jelly melts evenly in the glaze. When the 2 hours are up, brush on the glaze, flip the chicken, glaze the other side, and close up to cook another 45 minutes or so.

That’s it. Nice and simple.

*If you haven’t made any spicy home-made ketchup, try the following: Mix ~ 3/4 cup store-bought ketchup with 1 tbsp cider or white balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp brown sugar, dash of Worcestershire sauce, dash of ginger, dash of chipotle power, dash of creole seasoning. That should get you reasonably close.

Glazed wings, along with some bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers, AKA “Atomic Buffalo Turds”.


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