Meat, Fire, Beer, like so many other good (and bad!) ideas, was started on a whim. After using the phrase numerous times, I thought “I wonder if there is a website by that name”, and lo and behold there wasn’t. But there should be, so I started one…

The vision of this site is a place to share thoughts on food in general, but in particular grilling, smoking, camp cooking, recipes, techniques, and of course beer.

Please make yourself at home, and have a look around. We have articles on types of food, cooking methods, recipes, reviews of different beers, and so on. We’ve tried to keep it simple – you can browse all articles, or sort according to category:

Meat for recipes and articles about preparing and cooking various cuts of meat,

Fire for articles on cooking techniques,

and Beer speaks for itself.

The Not Meat category is for recipes and suggestions for delectable fire-cooked treats that just happen to not be meat, through no fault of their own.

This site is designed to work with both desktop and mobile browsers. If, for some reason, the system did not correctly identify your device, there is a link at the bottom of the page to switch between desktop and mobile versions.

So while you are waiting for that pork shoulder to smoke, poor yourself a cold one and browse around.


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