Note to self…

Today I had the Kamado going in the afternoon to cook up a variety of goodies for tonight and for the week – a couple of pork roasts and a beef sirloin roast, and I was going to throw on some potatoes and a squash for the last hour or so. The problem was that I way overestimated the cooking time of the beef. It was done well ahead of when I had planned, so I had to keep it from getting too cool as it rested while I roasted the veggies.

Basically a big fiasco time-wise.

In the end it all came out okay – the beef was more on the medium side of medium rare, but tasted fine, and the potatoes and squash were good, and one pork roast is ready for another dinner, while I pulled the other for sandwiches for the week. But I have to remember this. Note to self: beef cooks WAY faster than pork.

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